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The Laws of Special Education to Help Parents and Children
About My Family


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About My Family
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I live in Northern Michigan. I have 4 kids Tracy 13, Adam 10, Jessica 7 and Alan 5. I have been working with the school and Special Education for 6 years. I have had experiance with charter schools and the local school district. I hope to help as many people as I can when it comes to Special Education and the School system. My boys are both Special needs children. Adam has ADHD combined type with a motor tic. Alan has Epilepsy, Asthma, Allergies, Failure to thrive (He is very tiny at 31 pounds at the age of 5)

I grew up in Traverse City Michigan. I attended School in Traverse City and Elk Rapids Michigan. My hobbies include, Quilting blankets, Music, Spending time with my family.

I am currently working on training through the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan. I have sent in my application to be a parent advocate for CAUSE(Citizens Alliance to Uphold Special Education). I am also working with the Association for Childrens Mental Health.