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The Laws of Special Education to Help Parents and Children
Poem...Why Me?!... By Vicki Sheehan


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Poem...Why Me?!... By Vicki Sheehan
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Why Me?!

What did I do to you
Why did I turn out this way?
I haven't got a clue
But I am here and I am real
I have some special needs
But why do you ignore
My parents cries and pleas?
I have rights,is what I've heard,
But you can't prove this by me.
You don't have to take my word for this,
It's on my IEP
I may not look like other kids,
I may not be as smart.
But if you cut me open,
You'll see I have a heart.
I have a brain, I want to learn,
And yet you won't let me.
You'd rather lock me in a room
And throw away the key.
For quite some time a law's been passed,
That recognized the need
To educate the handicapped
And hoped to plant a seed.
The idea of this law
Was to change the way we think
The need was so important
they put it down in ink
This was in the 70s
And since there've been amends
To make things even better
For me and all my friends
And now so many years have passed,
And still I am not free
To receive an appropriate education
That these laws entitled me
Now I want you to explain
Why this cannot be
Why I am ignored
And why you have forsaken me.

By: Vicki Sheehan
( and all the special needs kids)

Kids are a wonderful gift enjoy every moment you have with them they grow up fast!!!!!